Friday, January 13, 2012

Luxsoka romance in the making?


Alright, the episode tonight answered some very interesting questions. For instance, it appears Lux and Ahsoka will have a romance. I can say I was pretty shocked by the episode, but also touched. However, it is your choice to decide whether you like it or not. But Dave Filoni's made up his mind, let's see if he'll keep it that way. Is there a Luxsoka romance in the making?

For Ahsoka's choice on what she was when the Deathwatch woman asked her, I begain laughing what remained of my sanity away. And Lux kissing Ahsoka, that surprised me greatly. I have a couple of pictures from the episode, I may update with more later. Until then, I'm Ahsoka.

Is it just me, or is there an actual look of longing in Ahsoka's eyes?


  1. Exactly there isn't much we can do like you said Dave Filoni made up his mind and though i don't completly understand it this episode made me Love Lux/Ahsoka overall i thought it was a great episode. I cracked up at ahsoka's choice of words when asked who she was and completly went insane with the kiss. AWsome reveiw :)

  2. The comment by anymonous is by ARK so remember that's me ARK

  3. I wish lux never was made cuz it was begining to look like its was about them two. i like ahsoka and if i was anakin i wouldnt let her go with lux but oh well. im not in charge of this.