Sunday, January 1, 2012

Humor, Off-Topic-Ness and Rambling (Don't worry, there's Star Wars stuff at the bottom!)

Hey, Snips here! Now... I'm blogging... (DUH) about stuff.... but it's legit stuff. SO LISTEN TO ME! You're not listening. You're banging your head on your desk and wondering why on earth you're reading this. LISTEN! Ahem.
Today's post is about humor. I just yell random things in all caps and think it's hilarious, but for some unapparent reason... a lot of people don't.
So you have to make up things to make them laugh. Because it's no fun to laugh by yourself. Like my favorite joke. I didn't make it up, but you get the point.
'There's a sale at the maul... everything's half off.'
Ha. Funny. No, actually, it ISN'T funny. Jokes aren't funny at all. NO-ONE thinks jokes are funny. I haven't read or heard one funny joke in my life.
So what is?
I don't honestly know.
Funny is when you're high on caffeine... and it's 4:00 in the morning, but you aren't tired. You're giggling under the covers with your best friend, or your little sister. But then EVERYTHING seems funny. Someone says "Garbage" and you laugh yourself breathless.
I honestly laugh way too much. WAY too much. I think everything is funny. Pfft... know nothing you do, Snips. How are you supposed to know what other people think is funny, if you think everything is funny, huh? Why am I talking in second person narrative, anyways? That's why I shouldn't be posting this. I'm not legit. (legit is my new favorite word! xP and 8D are my emoticons of the week. Okay. Now I'm rambling. Onto the next subject...)
Rambling. That's what I've been doing for the past 252 words. You know that "write 300 words a day" thing? Well, I'm doing it. In a blog post. Clever, eh? BUT, you SHOULD NOT ramble, especially on OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS. But I excel at rambling. That's why I do it. I can ramble for HOURS. I really can. Doubt it? Want to watch m- Nevermind. The sane side of myself is telling me not to do that. Oops. But I still am. HAH take that sane side! My sane side doesn't rule, actually. We have arguments, and I win. Every time. That's because she doesn't talk to me. She's SANE. So I'm just talking to myself. Sometimes I have valuable information. But right now, I have valuable rambling skills that will kill those seppies dead! Jeezo, this is LONG.
I have to stop.
This is called OFF-TOPIC-NESS.
That's when you ramble about things completely unrelated to the things you're supposed to be talking about.
I'm supposed to be talking about spoilers.
So, with no further ado...


That was funny!
But that was the OTHER topic that I wasn't supposed to be talking about. At least it was on... a topic!
Okay, really.
Star Wars. Spoilers. On topic.

Darth Maul is coming back; WITH A PIERCING!

Anddd... I'm done. This was fun, but I'll be darned if SWA and Annika and Ahsoka don't hunt me down and kill me with spoons.